At ONE Conference, a wide range of high-quality speakers will share their insights about the latest cybersecurity developments. This speaker network will cover all the cybersecurity subjects at ONE Conference.

Our speakers

Curious about the speakers at ONE Conference? In the list below, our speakers present themselves to you. By clicking on their photos, you can read more about their backgrounds and specialist areas and the session(s) they will present at ONE Conference.



Peter Zinn

More information coming soon.
Keynote speaker

Francisco Dominguez

Bouncing between technical deep dives and board room chatter Francisco Dominguez has been involved with security (nowadays Cybersecurity) for the last 20 years and has kept track of some of it on his personal blog. […]
Keynote speaker

Cristin Goodwin

Cristin Flynn Goodwin is the General Manager and Associate General Counsel of Microsoft’s Digital Security Unit.  Cristin leads Microsoft’s efforts to understand and disrupt nation state and advanced actor attacks, and on the legal side, […]
Keynote speaker

Erik de Jong

With 25 years of experience in the field of information security, both in the government and on the commercial side, Erik has seen his fair share of rightful optimism, misguided solutions, baby steps forward (fist […]

Jeroen van der Ham

Dr. Jeroen van der Ham is senior researcher at NCSC-NL and Associate Professor at Twente University. His research topics include Ethics of Cyber Security and Professionalization of Incident Response.

Floor Terra

Floor Terra works for Privacy Company where he advises organisations on the technical aspects of GDPR compliance. Floor has worked on the public DPIAs on various Microsoft and Google services for the Dutch government and […]

Tony Gaidhane

Tony Gaidhane is a Vice President in Booz Allen's Commercial business, based in The Netherlands, where he leads their cybersecurity practice in the UK and EU, including all aspects of client delivery, business development, operations […]

Jessica Kats

My interests lie in the areas of safety and crime, and science and innovation policy. Major clients are the WODC, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Flemish government. I immerse myself quickly in new […]

Kevin Jackson

Kevin has 20+ years of experience working in the Process Control and Automation domain and is leading OT Security for Accenture. He brings field experience working on sites, and leading global OT security programs. Kevin […]

Olaf Kolkman

Olaf Kolkman is the Principal - Internet Technology, Policy, and Advocacy at the Internet Society. Olaf has a long experience in Internet technology and policy matters. He is a board member of the GFCE and […]

Nathalie Trenaman

Nathalie Trenaman is the Routing Security Programme Manager for RIPE NCC and is responsible for all Routing Security related matters, including RPKI and IRR. She has over 20 years of experience in technical roles such […]

André Koot

André Koot is IAM strategist and co-founder of SonicBee. He has over 25 years of experience in Cyber Security, of which 20 years specifically in Identity and Access Management. André is board member of the […]

Richard Odekerken

Richard is a Dutch computer science engineer who has been working with internet technology since 1994. He has a background in communications and computer security where he learned to efficiently obtain and analyze large data […]

Jozef Sulwinski

Trusted Advisor of numerous CxOs with proven track record in supporting client organizations in areas of Digital Architecture, Cloud Transformation and IT/OT Security Digital Architecture, IoT, Cloud, IT & OT Security and Blockchain Enthusiast

Sebastiaan Tesink

Sebastiaan Tesink holds a MSc in Information Management at Tilburg University, and a MA in Language and Artificial Intelligence from that same university. Sebastiaan is currently a security researcher in the Cyber Security Technologies Department […]

Anouk Vos

Information coming soon

Reinder Wolthuis

Reinder Wolthuis, (MSc Electrical Engineering) is a senior project manager and consultant cyber security who previously worked for KPN Research, KPN Software house and Atos Origin and has joined TNO in 2006. Reinder is the […]

Michiel Zwinkels

Michiel Zwinkels started in 2004 as a public prosecutor at the Amsterdam public prosecutor's office. He has held various substantive and managerial positions at the Public Prosecution Service since. Zwinkels is national cybercrime portfolioholder

Peter Pijpers

Associate Professor for Cyber Operations, Researcher Amsterdam Centre for International Law

Mairet Valentine

As a security engineer at GitLab, her work consists of putting out cyber fires, threat hunting, and making pretty graphs. Besides computers, she's a fiction writer who likes Star Wars, heavy metal, and useless things […]

Opiyo Faith

As a Threat Hunter at IBM, she helps customers reduce impact caused by advanced attackers by proactively looking for signs of intrusion within the network, analyzing and advising on how to combat them. Besides work […]

Frank Breedijk

CSIRT manager at DIVD and CISO at Schuberg Philis

Victor Gevers

Head of Research at DIVD

Lennaert Oudshoorn

Lennaert Oudshoorn is Head of DIVD CSIRT and Security Analyst at Zerocopter.

Maaike van Leuken

Maaike van Leuken is a cryptographer at TNO. She graduated in computing science and cyber security from Radboud University in 2021. Her focus is on the intersection between computing science and cryptography. Amongst others she […]

Robert Krenn

Robert Krenn is Research Director at Darktrace where he is involved in the development of Darktrace's Prevent solutions and advises clients on all kinds of IT-security challenges. Starting as a young ethical hacker in the […]

Thijs Alkemade

Thijs Alkemade (@xnyhps) works at the security research division of at Computest. This division is responsible for advanced security research on commonly used systems and environments. Thijs is a Pwn2Own winner by demonstrating a zero-day […]

Thijs Bosschert

Thijs is a technically strong and creative security professional focused on solving any incident or challenge he comes across. Thijs has been active in the IT security field for over 20 years and has been […]

Jake Norwood

Jake Norwood is a senior executive advisor and consultant who helps CISOs and Cyber Defense Leaders transform their organizations into intelligence-led, risk-focused, and crisis-resilient cyber security operations. Jake has served as the Global Head for […]

Nouschka Auwema

Information coming soon.

Rik van Dijk

Information coming soon.

Kelvin Lubbertsen

Cyber Investigation Specialist & researcher at FACT, and lead investigator in the BestMixer.io take-down.

Rolf van Wegberg

Assistant Professor of Cybercrime Governance at Delft University of Technology, and as part of a structural collaboration with the FIOD: embedded scientist at FACT.

Christiaan Ottow

Christiaan Ottow studied Computer Sciences. After years of ethical hacking he became CTO of Pine Digital Security, later Computest. In his current position as Director Cyber Security and CTO at Northwave, he also acts as […]

Reg Brennenraedts

Reg Brennenraedts is an experienced public policy researcher and strategy consultant with over fifteen years of experience. Most of his work is strongly linked to the digital economy and innovation. Within these fields, he focuses […]

Sahil Shah

Sahil is a senior security consultant,with over a decade of experience in Cybersecurity. His expertise in security spans across various sectors such a finance, defence , media etc. He has trained over 1000 industry professionals […]

Suzanne Rijnbergen

Suzanne has 15+ years of experience in information security and combines strong business and managerial knowledge. She has solid experience in both Information Security, Privacy and OT security. Currently she is leading a global OT […]

Aart Jochem

Aart Jochem started in 2020 as CISO Rijk at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. His task is to coordinate in the field of digital resilience and information security and to promote cooperation […]

Teresa Walsh

Teresa Walsh manages the FS-ISAC's global intelligence operations, including its office in Den Haag. She also oversees business operations in UK, IE, DE and NL. She has been with FS-ISAC for almost 6 years but […]

Fleur van Leusden

Fleur van Leusden is CISO for the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets, as well as board member for the Dutch Insititute for Vulnerability Disclosure. As such, she knows what it is like to operate […]

Gerdine Keijzer-Baldé

Information coming soon.

Kim van der Veen

Multiple speakers (to be decided)

Gerben Klein Baltink

Gerben Klein Baltink is chair of the Internet Standards Platform (Internet.nl) which is a collaboration between parties from the Internet community and the Dutch government. The platform's aim is to jointly increase the use of […]

Christian van der Woude

Having worked for the Dutch, British and U.S. governments on emerging technology policy, Christian van der Woude has become highly motivated by the transformative power of technology in solving our global challenges. With cybersecurity being […]

Shadi Razak

Shadi is a cybersecurity and business digitisation expert and successful tech entrepreneur, with a previous exit to Microsoft. He has consulted with security working groups and committees at techUK, BSI, Europol and ENISA, and held […]

Jaap Verhees

Jaap is cyber security practice lead and risk advisor that worked in aviation, EU government and the space & GNSS domain. He likes to share his experience on Security in (Aero)Space, our heavy dependencies on […]

Jan Verbeek

Jan is a Senior Business / IT architect with a very wide experience in the IT Sector both national and international. Jan is an expert in the translation of business issues in IT Solutions and […]

Bram Ketting

Bram is a cyber strategy and third-party risk management professional with a strong track record of designing and implementing cyber security within organisations.

Thymen Wabeke

Thymen Wabeke is a research engineer at SIDN Labs. He investigates how machine learning can contribute to a safer and more stable internet. For example, he develops algorithms that detect fake webshops. Thymen previously worked […]

Jambul Tologonov

Jambul Tologonov is a Security Researcher at Trellix. His focus areas are tracking APTs, malware analysis, threat intelligence and automation. In his previous roles he primarily focused on forensic analysis and threat research at financial […]

Allan Friedman

Dr. Allan Friedman is a Senior Advisor and Strategist at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in the US Government. He coordinates the global cross-sector community efforts around software bill of materials (SBOM), and works […]

Robert van der Noordaa

Robert is a Dutch engineer and analist who has previously lived a number of years in Russia and Ukraine After finishing his post-academic journalism studies at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam he started developing software […]

Krzysztof Swaczynski

Krzysztof is strategic advisor in the field of OT and IT security. He is a founder and board member of Seqred - cyber security shop focused on testing and improving security in ICS field. He […]

Frank Fransen

Frank Fransen received a MSc in Information Technology at the Technical University of Eindhoven in 1995. He is currently employed as a Senior Scientist in the Cyber Security & Robustness group of TNO. His work […]

Anne-Sophie Fritschij

Anne-Sophie Fritschij LL.M. works at Capgemini Business Technology Services in the domain of Public Order and Security. She is specialized in improving information services within the fight against crime. In addition to being a criminal […]

Vien Germawi

Vien Germawi LL.M works at Capgemini Business Technology Services in the domain of Public Order and Security. She specialized in asserting and preventing financial crime and fraud. In addition to her criminal law expertise, she […]

Inge van der Beijl

Inge is an organizational psychologist with a specialization in changemanagement. She worked for many years at TNO Defence, Safety and security in different roles, from researcher to department manager. She has served in Uruzgan as […]

Jair Santanna

Dr Santanna is an enthusiastic and passionate Cloud security lead (@Northwave) and assistant professor (@University of Twente). He is a practical, data-driven and extremely curious person. He loves to spread the knowledge with the scientific […]

Tom Meurs

Tom Meurs is a PhD student working at the Dutch Police and University Twente. His research focuses on ransomware.

Jelle Groenendaal

Jelle is a product owner (3rdRisk) and principal researcher (Crisislab) specializing in (cyber) risk and crisis management. Jelle holds a Ph.D. in risk and crisis management and published more than 50 scientific articles and books […]

Paul Ducheine

Brigadier-general Army Legal Service, Professor of Cyber Warfare (NL MoD) and Endowed Professor of Law of Military Cyber Operations

Stefan Tezgel

Stefan Tezgel is an expert in the field of cybersecurity. He first came into contact with the subject of digital security in 2011. That turned out to be a life changing moment: he made it […]

Manon Nobbenhuis

Manon Nobbenhuis (23) has started her professional career in the field of cybersecurity at September 2021 when she was working as cyber-trainee at the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC-NL) of the Netherlands. Not long before […]

Lucinda Sterk

Lucinda has years of experience in national security. At NCTV/NCSC-NL, Fox-IT and Z-CERT she specialised herself in communication about cybersecurity and crisis communication during hacks.

Fred Streefland

Fred Streefland is currently the Sr. Director Cybersecurity EMEA at Hikvision. During his professional career, he worked in the Air Force, IBM, Accenture and fulfilled several CISO positions. Prior to his current role, he worked […]

Mark Ruijsendaal

Mark Ruijsendaal has a background in research, commerce, and strategy. Passionate about innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration, technology, and human development. Mark leads several human capital programs to get more fitting talent in security, supports innovation […]

Anna Chung

Anna Chung's threat research combines cyber threat intelligence, underground economics, and cyber behavior analysis. WIth a social science background (BA from the Department of Diplomacy, National Chengchi University, and master's in international communication from American […]

Chantal Stekelenburg

Chantal Stekelenburg is Head of Researchers at Zerocopter. She takes care of one of the most important aspects of Zerocopter's services: the community of researchers. Her focus lies on supporting and coaching the current researcher […]

Oscar Koeroo

Oscar Koeroo works as the CISO for the Ministery of Health, Welfare and Sports and has a technical background. He also parttime lectures at the University of Leiden.

Chris van 't Hof

Managing Director of DIVD and independent researcher, writer and presenter in cyber security.

Irene Kamara

dr. Irene Kamara is Assistant Professor at Tilburg Law School, and affiliate researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. She conducts research on the governance of human rights and cybersecurity through legislation and other governance instruments […]

Jamal Shahin

Jamal Shahin is a Senior Lecturer in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam, Programme Director of the Advanced Master in European Integration at the Brussels School of Governance and a Professorial Fellow at the […]

Dorijn Boogaard

Dorijn Boogaard is a Public Affairs Specialist at ESET NL, aiming for a safer, more inclusive and sustainable digital future.

Renate Verheijen

The team of cybersecurity experts working at the EU Agency for Cybersecurity is highly specialized in cybersecurity and more specifically in cybersecurity certification.

Bart Gijsen

Bart Gijsen is a senior consultant at TNO working for the Cyber Security Technology research group. His core field of expertise is business continuity and cyber security for critical IT systems. He works on novel […]

Thijs van Ede

Thijs is a final-year PhD student at the University of Twente. His research focuses on transforming the latest AI techniques into security detection workflows.

Xander Bouwman

Xander studies cybersecurity threat information sharing as part of his PhD research at TU Delft.

Hugo Bijmans

Hugo Bijmans is a cybersecurity and cybercrime researcher. He graduated on the topic of Web-based cryptojacking and has been working at TNO since 2019. His focus is on network-based anomaly detection, as well innovative solutions […]

Marieke Klaver

Dr Marieke Klaver works at TNO as a programme manager on Cyber security for Critical Infrastructures. In collaboration with the Netherlands' Cyber Security Centre she developed methods and tools to assess cyber risks more quantitively. […]

Len Noe

Biohackers exist and walk among us. Most security professionals would not allow users into their environment with offensive security tools. How do you address individuals who have surgically implanted such devices into their bodies.

Max Heinemeyer

Max has over a decade of experience in the field, specializing in areas such as Pentesting, Red-Teaming, security monitoring and hunting APTs. At Darktrace, Max oversees global threat hunting efforts, working with strategic customers. He […]

Rindert Kramer

Sysadmin turned into hacker. Hacker turned into blueteam. Loves extreme metal and regex.

Kaitai Liang

With 10-year experiences on cybersecurity R&D, Dr. Liang's focus is on the design and implementation of cryptographic protocols to real-world security problems. He has led successful European funded projects, and delivered real-world impacts. He's served […]

Vincenzo Salden

Vincenzo is a starting IT-auditor, in his way for a career as information security officer. With a degree in network administrator, a propedeuse in Software Engineering and bachelor's degree in cyber security engineering, his interest […]

Soufian El Yadmani

Security researcher at Cybersprint and PhD Candidate at Leiden University

Ivan Iushkevich

Penetration tester and security auditor. Passionate about searching bugs, vulnerabilities in source code of different applications, have vast experience in banking systems and web application penetration testing. Also a security trainer and lecturer in university.

Daan Keuper

Daan Keuper is the head of security research at Computest. This division is responsible for advanced security research on commonly used systems and environments. Daan participated three times in the internationally known Pwn2Own competition by […]

Edwin van Andel

Edwin van Andel started hacking at the age of 13. Although he is now CTO of hacker company Zerocopter, his relationship with the hacker community is still the main driving force in his life. His […]