The Future of Cyber Volunteering Across the Atlantic

Low-level cyber attacks on under-resourced organizations like nonprofits, school districts, municipalities, and small businesses continue to devastate these organizations on a regular basis, and have for years. These community organizations face phishing and email scams, financial fraud, data breaches and leaks, and ransomware extortion, impeding local access to critical services and threatening public trust in […]

SOARCA: open-source SOAR for CACAO playbook automation

In an ever-changing landscape of organisational cybersecurity, resilience has become of imperative importance. To be better equipped against threat actors and their increasingly more complex tactics, techniques and procedures, organisations must actively engage in the detection, investigation, prevention, mitigation, and remediation of cyber threats in a timely manner. To accomplish this, organisations are increasingly automating […]

Secure software: new guidelines beyond technology

The C-SIDe project (Cyber Security by Integrated Design) is an interdisciplinary project funded by NWO bringing together researchers from different scientific disciplines from Leiden University and the Hague University of Applied Sciences. The project team presents the first version of secure software guidelines that help relevant stakeholders to integrate the technical and non-technical aspects of […]

AI in Offensive and Defensive Cyber

This session provides a deep-dive on current and upcoming AI technologies and their application in cyber security. Based on a custom-built hype cycle, it delves into AI’s current capabilities and how these can be applied in offensive and defensive efforts. Expect actual examples of offensive AI and how defenders can thwart such efforts with defensive […]

Situation awareness through visual communication

At the National Cyber Security Centre Finland, we employ a dynamic duo: a data scientist and an information designer. Through the fusion of visual communication with journalistic and user-centred approaches, we navigate data, synthesize information, and distill complex concepts for decision-makers, organizations, and internal use. During my presentation, I will introduce several case studies illustrating […]

Cybersecurity training: best practices & future research

End-user responsibility in facilitating or even causing cyberattacks continues to be a growing topic of discussion. Especially in organisational settings, end-users play an essential role in contributing to cybersecurity incidents – or preventing them. Training programs are a popular tool that is used frequently in attempts to mitigate incidents facilitated by end-user action or inaction. […]

Building Cybersecurity of a Vulnerable Sector

Developing capacity with NGOs to secure and deal with cyber threats is crucial, as this vital and underprepared sector continues to face severe threats. Following the successful launch of Cyber Secure The Hague: Cybersecurity for NGOs program at the ONE Conference in October 2023, CyberPeace Institute and The Hague Humanity Hub worked towards expanding the […]

Foresight analysis: The magic eight ball of intelligence

The ability to anticipate and predict future threats and events is crucial for Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) analysts. However crucial a skill, foresight analysis remains the most challenging analysis process an analyst can do. This challenge is further lamented by the fact that most CTI analysts are data-driven and reactive rather than conceptually driven and […]

Cyber as an Engine of Economic Growth – Strategy

Ireland ranks among the leading European Union Member States in terms of uptake and use of digital technologies. This includes the cyber industrial ecosystem where there are almost 500 firms involved in digital resilience, comprising a mix of multinational firms and small and medium sized enterprises. With the changing international context, there are key risks […]