Day 2

Foresight analysis: The magic eight ball of intelligence

Session complexity:
13:35 - 14:00

The ability to anticipate and predict future threats and events is crucial for Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) analysts. However crucial a skill, foresight analysis remains the most challenging analysis process an analyst can do. This challenge is further lamented by the fact that most CTI analysts are data-driven and reactive rather than conceptually driven and proactive. Introducing foresight techniques to experienced CTI analysts in mature cybersecurity organisations has proven very successful.

In this talk, I will use my experiences from running foresight analysis workshops for the cyber security community in the Nordics and showcase how these workshops have helped the participants become more well-rounded analysts and critical thinkers. I will show how the cybersecurity community has gained essential skills in bias detection, successfully implemented structured analytical techniques (SATs) in their analysis to reduce bias, and has become proficient critical thinkers. These workshops gave the cybersecurity community the foundational proficiency to use SATs with their internal teams and greatly enhanced their ability to test foresight analysis.

Speakers in this session

Freddy Murre