Freddy Murre

“Freddy is a PhD candidate at NTNU, a small business owner in the field of intelligence (Intelligence Tradecraft), and the senior advisor for cyber threat intelligence (CTI) at Nordic Finance CERT (NFCERT). Freddy has a specific focus on strategic reporting, as well as training in structured analysis techniques (SAT) and intelligence for the cyber threat intelligence (CTI) community.

Freddy has a master’s degree in intelligence from King’s College London with a focus on cyber security and a master’s degree in counter-terrorism from the University of St Andrews, focusing on critical infrastructure.

In May 2023, Murstad started his PhD education at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and will research the intersection of intelligence, CTI and AI.

Freddy has previously worked 17 years in the armed forces, seven of which with intelligence. He often host courses, trainings and talks on intelligence tradecraft for the wider cybersecurity community in the Nordics. For example, each year, Freddy invites the Pherson company to Norway, Denmark and Finland to co-teach structured analytical techniques (SAT) courses for government agencies and the cybersecurity community. Freddy is the only certified Pherson instructor of the Pherson Intelligence analyst Professional (IAP) program outside of the United States.

Murstad holds several lectures nationally and internationally, often in closed forums, for the financial sector or government agencies, but has also given presentations and workshops for FS-ISAC, FI-ISAC, CISA/ODNI, FIRST, and the SANS CTI Summit to name a few.”

Sessions with Freddy Murre

Freddy Murre