The tower of Babel: the many languages of risk management and how to navigate them

Digital risk management is a fragmented field of expertise. In Europe alone, many national cybersecurity centers have developed their own methodologies in order to empower organizations to increase their digital resiliency via the adoption of their framework. In parallel, many private sector organizations have taken similar actions. Although risk management has been foundational to cybersecurity […]

A Bridge to Secure by Design for OT

The current state of critical infrastructure is a collection of legacy infrastructure integrated together over decades. This status quo makes the role of a defender disproportionally difficult. The alternative is Secure by Design, a Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) intiative to push for manufacturers to eliminate classes of vulnerabilities from their products. Secure products, […]

Innovating Cybersecurity Education and Ethical Hacking

As cybersecurity threats escalate, the need for adept professionals grows. Experts from DIVD Academy, HackShield, and re_B00TCMP will discuss innovative approaches to cybersecurity education and ethical hacking. We’ll explore engaging educational strategies such as gamification and practical learning, emphasize the critical role of ethical hacking, and discuss ways to involve the community in cybersecurity efforts. […]

SME’s: basic principles for cyberresilience, why, how?

The Cybersecurity Council has asked the government to pay more attention to SME’s because of the gap in cyberresilience for SME’s versus big companies. Recently we, Digital Trust Center and NCSC, have refreshed the basic principles for cyberresilience. These principles can help to bridge the gap. We will add entrepreneurial stories to this principles to […]

Communication Styles & Adapting Them During Cyber Crises

In cybersecurity, effective and adaptive communication during crises is critical. Yet, while many cybersecurity professionals are naturally incentivized to strengthen their technical skills, there tends to be more friction in motivating them to work on communication skills. In other words, it is rarely something that individuals and teams invest time into proactively improving. This workshop […]

The Cyber Arms Watch Monitor

The Cyber Arms Watch Monitor – Workshop Despite a widely held concern that tensions in cyberspace are escalating, little is publicly known about offensive cyber capabilities of states. The Cyber Arms Watch Monitor project tries to resolve this issue by developing the first ‘cyber transparency index’ on offensive state capabilities, allowing to categorise countries based […]

How the Dutch raise the security baseline: transparency

A trustworthy government is accountable and approachable. Transparency plays a large part in that equation. For this reason the Dutch government provides insights into the baseline cybersecurity of all its online services. Anyone is able to determine if their government is operating securely or not: from high level down to the individual technical metric. This […]