Day 2

The Cyber Arms Watch Monitor

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10:45 - 11:35

The Cyber Arms Watch Monitor – Workshop

Despite a widely held concern that tensions in cyberspace are escalating, little is publicly known about offensive cyber capabilities of states. The Cyber Arms Watch Monitor project tries to resolve this issue by developing the first ‘cyber transparency index’ on offensive state capabilities, allowing to categorise countries based on how transparent they are by measuring the difference between their perceived and declared capabilities. In addition, the Cyber Arms Watch Monitor is able to register interstate attacks, thereby pointing out the attackers, the sectors they attacked, as well as the motive behind the attack.

As the victims of interstate attacks are often private companies, this data brings out some questions. Why do companies need to find their own cybersecurity when they are the victim of interstate rivalries? Should the government improve its efforts to protect its businesses? If the police can patrol the streets, could they also patrol the cyberspace?

Interested in thinking alongside us to find an answer to these questions? Make sure to join us for an interactive workshop session where we will delve into the attack patterns of several countries and ask for your input to come up with a governance style that is future-proof!

Speakers in this session

Michel Rademaker