Edwin van Andel

CTO, Zerocopter b.v.

Edwin van Andel started hacking at the age of 13. Although he is now CTO of hacker company Zerocopter, his relationship with the hacker community is still the main driving force in his life. His dream to bring the brilliant minds of all hackers he knows together in one room and to hack everything that is brought in is something that he is getting closer and closer to. In addition, together with the 'Guild of Grumpy Old Hackers', he is actively guiding and leading young hackers in the right direction in order to create his ultimate goal - a safe society through a safer internet. Next to all this he is known as the organizer of Defcon group Defcon3120 (Amsterdam) and from Darknet Diaries episode 87 - Hacking Trumps twitter in 2016

Sessions with Edwin van Andel