Bob Klaver

Superintendent (Bob) Klaver is team leader of team X-ray at the national High-Tech crime unit
(NHTCU) of the Netherlands Police. Bob has over twenty years of experience in the police force. He
started in the regional unit of The Hague. He worked in several different area’s and eventually became
a detective.

During his investigations he noticed that digital investigation became a larger part of the police work
and in 2013 left The Hague to join the High-Tech crime unit at the National police force.
Within the NHTCU he worked on several different cross-border investigations. He also worked in the
Joint Cyber Action Taskforce within Europol.

In 2022 he became team leader of team X-ray. This team, is as the name mentions, looks through the
organization and investigation and sees opportunities and new possibilities. It is the central point of
information concerning cyber related questions.

In his current role he is also chairing the J-CAT.

The goal of NHTCU is to combat national and transnational serious and organized (cyber) crime.
Because the cyber realm knows no borders it is of the essence that international cooperation works
optimal on a judicial, organizational, and technical level.

Therefore, Law enforcement agency and private industry need to team up to stop the criminals.

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Bob Klaver