Day 1

10 years of unique collaboration on (cyber)crime: The Joint cyber action Taskforce (J-CAT)

Law Enforcement
Session complexity:
13:35 - 14:00

It sounds very logical that Law enforcement agencies work together but this is a complex puzzle of cultures, bureaucracy, and legal frameworks. But having countries sitting next to each other and discussing these issues on a day-to-day basis, creates a basis of trust and acknowledgment which is uncommon but essential. Europol’s EC3 has been ground braking in facilitating and supporting this group. The J-CAT has collaborated in coordinating several high-level cases, have disrupted thousands of criminal enterprises and work closely in sharing information with different organizations (public and private). It is a go-to if help is needed in cross-border activities. J-CAT has expanded but also looks at a smarter approach in Joint collaboration. We would like to take you through our journey and show how, you, the community can help.