Day 2

Ethics in cybersecurity, research and education

Session complexity:
Cybersecurity is a broadening field. As our lives are increasingly digital, so too has the importance of cybersecurity gained importance. “Ethical hacking” has become an accepted practice, with guidelines for professionals as well as organisations. But what about other aspects of cybersecurity? How does ethics play into that? How do we teach students about the importance of ethics of their work so that they are prepared for responsibilities that come with the cybersecurity profession?
At the same time, it is important academics take their responsibility as well, and conduct their research in an ethically acceptable manner. AI has gained immense popularity and came with its own ethical challenges. We are currently seeing some applications of AI in cybersecurity as well, what does that mean for the ethical practices of cybersecurity?

During this panel session we will discuss the current state of affairs on ethics review for cybersecurity research, and insights on teaching ethics effectively to students in the field of cybersecurity. We will also discuss future developments that will impact both cybersecurity ethics teaching and research.

Speakers in this session