Day 2

Navigating AI Security Risks in Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement
Session complexity:
15:00 - 15:25

Integrating AI into law enforcement promises transformative potential but introduces new security challenges. This session will explore the multifaceted landscape of cybersecurity risks, strategies and best practices with the aim of equipping stakeholders with essential insights on how to best navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in law enforcement.

Relying on AI for the purpose of criminal investigations and prosecutions requires a particular approach that respects fair trial rights including the presumption of innocence, preserving the admissibility of evidence and protection of vulnerable persons such as victims and witnesses. Multi-disciplinary collaboration is essential to achieve the imperative of safeguarding AI systems in law enforcement, ultimately ensuring the integrity of investigations, public trust and human rights. The session will combine the experience of the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) in guiding the global law enforcement community toward responsible AI innovation with private sector and academic expertise to explore how to shape a secure and responsible future for AI in law enforcement.