Bridging the talent gap

These days, individuals in the cybersecurity field are exceptionally busy. Their services and products are in high demand, yet they are facing an increasing number of incidents, threats, and vulnerabilities. However, organizations are encountering difficulties due to a shortage of qualified personnel. It has become challenging to recruit the right people, and there is a […]

Unlocking Potential: Neurodiversity in Cyber Security

Join us for an innovative conversation starter on unlocking potential in Cyber Security. As we explore the unique traits of neurodiverse individuals, we’ll also address the challenges they may face in this field such as biases. We will be highlighting the importance of embracing neurodiverse talent. We’ll provide practical tips and tricks for more inclusivity […]

The history, future and importance of Dutch Hacker Camps

From Galactic Hacker Party 1989 to WHY2025; the history, future and importance of Dutch Hacker Camps. Dutch Hacker Camp culture is deeply rooted in the ethos of openness, collaboration, and exploration. These camps are typically organized by volunteers from various hacker and maker communities in the Netherlands and attract participants from all over the world […]

Innovating Cybersecurity Education and Ethical Hacking

As cybersecurity threats escalate, the need for adept professionals grows. Experts from DIVD Academy, HackShield, and re_B00TCMP will discuss innovative approaches to cybersecurity education and ethical hacking. We’ll explore engaging educational strategies such as gamification and practical learning, emphasize the critical role of ethical hacking, and discuss ways to involve the community in cybersecurity efforts. […]

Communication Styles & Adapting Them During Cyber Crises

In cybersecurity, effective and adaptive communication during crises is critical. Yet, while many cybersecurity professionals are naturally incentivized to strengthen their technical skills, there tends to be more friction in motivating them to work on communication skills. In other words, it is rarely something that individuals and teams invest time into proactively improving. This workshop […]