Day 1

Bridging the talent gap

Main Stage
Session complexity:
10:45 - 11:35

These days, individuals in the cybersecurity field are exceptionally busy. Their services and products are in high demand, yet they are facing an increasing number of incidents, threats, and vulnerabilities.

However, organizations are encountering difficulties due to a shortage of qualified personnel. It has become challenging to recruit the right people, and there is a pressing need to attract as much talent as possible. But are we exploring all the appropriate avenues for talent acquisition?

At times, the cybersecurity sector could make greater efforts to consider the experiences of women and individuals from diverse backgrounds. These experiences are crucial for attracting talented individuals who may not conform to traditional norms but can offer fresh perspectives on cybersecurity issues.

This panel proposes various innovative ideas for tapping into this talent pool. These ideas aim not only to enhance inclusive recruitment practices but also to encourage individuals to remain in the industry. As women, what have we learned from our collective experiences in the cybersecurity field? What recurring themes emerged in the podcast ‘All the Cyber Ladies’? How can we make careers in cybersecurity more appealing to women, people of color, and those who are neurodiverse?

Ultimately, this panel discussion seeks to motivate and fortify our sector by embracing diversity.