TBA Police research

Hansken, the open digital forensics platform

In a world where subversive and organized crime are a major threat to European citizens and businesses, it is important to work together on relevant knowledge. The growing volume and complexity of digital traces in criminal investigations has become a serious challenge. How we used to do digital forensics is no longer fit for purpose. […]

Tracking Transparency: Accurate labels in crypto tracing

One of the principles in cryptocurrency tracing is putting a name to an address — a process called attribution. Attribution is key for both law enforcement and compliance professionals who trace cryptocurrencies. Blockchain intelligence companies sell attribution as a product by leveraging pseudonymous blockchains, clustering heuristics and labeling of addresses. We measure the accuracy of […]

Cyberwarfare in the age of Digital & New Space Economy

In this session, we explore the convergence of cyber threats with the rapidly expanding realms of the digital economy and the new space economy. From safeguarding critical infrastructure in the digital age to securing satellite systems in space, this session will delve into the evolving landscape of cyberwarfare and offer actionable insights for defending against […]