Sarah Fluchs

Sarah Fluchs is the CTO of admeritia, which specializes in security consulting for the process industry, manufacturing, and critical infrastructures. A process and automation engineer herself, Sarah is convinced that creating solid engineering methods that speak the language of automation engineers is key for security in automation. Her main research interest is to help automation security engineering grow up as a discipline. More specifically, this includes security and systems engineering, understanding security (and safety) as part of a broader resilience engineering, the use of human-readable models to make security engineering more intuitive and the use of machine-readable models to make it more efficient. To drive these research interests, Sarah leads the government-funded research project IDEAS (Integrated Data Models for the Engineering of Automation Security) and has taken a side-role as a scientific researcher at Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg in 2021. Sarah is an active contributor to ISA and IEC standards regarding automation security and a board member at both the ISA Standards & Practices board and the German water industry digitalization organization KDW. She writes a monthly “security briefing for hard hats” (, in German) and a blog (, German and English). Also, Sarah is one of the founders and leaders of the Top 20 Secure PLC Coding Project (

Sessions with Sarah Fluchs