Matthijs van Amelsfort

Department Head – National High-Tech Crime Unit, Dutch National Police

Superintendent M.J. (Matthijs) van Amelsfort MSc (46) is the head of the High-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) of the Netherlands Police. Matthijs has over twenty years of experience in digital forensic investigations and Cybercrime. He has supervised the Digital Investigations Teams of the Detective Cooperation Team (RST) at Curacao (a Caribbean constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) and the Digital Investigations Team at the Central Unit. Also Matthijs was the former head of the Special Investigations Unit of the Central Criminal Investigations Division. Matthijs is a graduated Master of Science in Forensic Computing and Cyber Crime Investigations and has a Master’s degree in Management. The main goal of Matthijs and the NHTCU is to combat national and transnational serious and organized hi-tech (cyber) crime both within, or which impacts upon, the Netherlands. He believes this goal can only be achieved by working closely together on an international level.

Sessions with Matthijs van Amelsfort