Day 1

Operation Cookiemonster: Bringing Down the Genesis Market and its users

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Bringing down the Genesis Market and its users and giving victims perspective

Operation Cookie Monster: In April the FBI, in collaboration with the Dutch police and other international police forces, took down the criminal website Genesis Market and arrested many of its users around the world. The market sold packages of so-called online fingerprints, which includes usernames and passwords. In total the information of two million victims were traded via this platform. In this talk we would like to give you an insight in how Genesis Market operated and the operation that lead to its downfall. It gives an insight on the comprehensive control strategy of the Dutch national police, while battling cybercrime. Apprehending suspects, disturbing structural opportunities, and giving all these victims perspective. A story of collaboration between law enforcement, departments of justice in 17 countries and the private sector. We have to unite to fight cybercrime on a global scale.

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