Day 2

ALT-S – 10 years later. Did it work?

Session complexity:
10 years ago Dutch hackers wanted to come to the ONE Conference because some of their US hacker friends were speaking there. Sadly, they were not allowed to come because the ONE Conference did not consider them as a target audience. So what do hackers do? They get the idea to organise a parallel conference, on the same day, in the same town, and with the US hacker friends on the stage! So they can have their own party! This grew to a full blown side conference named ALT-S, with more than 150 attendees and a fully packed day of interesting talks and workshops, and it was -as Borat would say- a great success! The ONE Conference organisation was however not amused, they summoned the hackers to their offices to explain themselves. This showed the gap between the hacker community and the government at that time, but also paved the way to getting to know each other. So here we are, 10 years later. Are we, as hackers, accepted now? How did we get here? And is -like in the famous meme- Everything fine? Come find out in an explosive visual waterfall, with joy and tears, at this year's ONE! (If we are allowed in, that is….)

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