Day 2

The Trinity of Victim Notification

Law Enforcement
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12:10 - 12:35

Increasingly, (inter)national media report about major data breaches in which millions of credentials are stolen. There is a thriving underground global online economy in credentials. Stolen credentials are effective because people often use the same password for multiple accounts – for a long period of time. Criminals abuse those credentials and use them for a wide range of criminal offences. At the same time, takedowns of criminal marketplaces like Genesis market also show us that basic advice like change your password just is not enough. So what can we do within our legal possibilities to notify companies and individuals about hacks or stolen credentials?

The Dutch police created services to prevent victims, enable them to reclaim control and give back perspective in the spread of cybercrime. No More Leaks and Check Your Hack are already successful implemented interventions. Which are also put in place to disturb the criminal business model. So, why not do this more often and on a broader, international scale? Time for a boost on victim prevention by adding a third service Protect Your Password and start scaling up this Trinity of Victim Notification.

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Speakers in this session

Frederiek Burlage

Ruben van Well