Day 1

Cyberwarfare in the age of Digital & New Space Economy

Law Enforcement
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14:35 - 15:00

In this session, we explore the convergence of cyber threats with the rapidly expanding realms of the digital economy and the new space economy. From safeguarding critical infrastructure in the digital age to securing satellite systems in space, this session will delve into the evolving landscape of cyberwarfare and offer actionable insights for defending against emerging threats in these critical sectors. I would like bring out the perspective from India with its rapid expansion of e-commerce and digital payments to the deployment of satellite-based communication networks, India’s digital and space economies are driving unprecedented growth and innovation. However, this rapid digitization also brings forth new vulnerabilities and threats that must be addressed with urgency and foresight. In this session I would like to cover how the Critical Infrastructure is evolving and its no more confined to just brick & mortar critical infrastructure.

Speakers in this session

Suhas Gopinath