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Cyberveiligheid is belangrijker dan ooit. De ONE Conference inspireert internationale samenwerkingen tussen cyberveiligheidsprofessionals uit het bedrijfsleven, de wetenschap en overheidsorganisaties. De ONE Conference is een exclusief jaarlijks evenement, waar alles draait om verbinding. ONE Conference; we are all connected

Attendees at ONE Conference

ONE Conference

De ONE-conferentie is hét cyberveiligheidsevenement van Europa. Het is een toonaangevend platform voor het delen van kennis, best practices en onderzoeksresultaten. De editie van dit jaar vindt plaats op 3 en 4 oktober. Beide dagen bieden een plenair programma en optionele breakoutsessies in kleinere groepen.


Een breed scala aan onderwerpen komt aan bod: van zeer technische onderwerpen zoals malwaredetectie, incident response en rechtshandhavingszaken tot minder technische onderwerpen, zoals partnerschappen tussen het publieke en private domein, governance en recent cyberveiligheidssonderzoek.


Naast het uitgebreide programma is er nog veel meer te beleven op de ONE Conference. Er is een Expo, Talent Hub, Matchmaking ruimte en natuurlijk uitgebreide netwerkmogelijkheden.


De voertaal van de ONE Conference is Engels. De rest van de website is daarom ook enkel in het Engels te lezen. Klik op de links hieronder om rechtstreeks naar de pagina’s te gaan waar in Social Media berichten naar verwezen wordt.

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27 september

During the ONE Conference, there is not just the conference itself, but several side events will also take place. Some are small meetings for a select few, but others are open to all ONE Conference participants. One of these is the “ISODOOR Tabletop”. Here you will get a chance to take on the various roles in the crisis team of Nationaal Cyber Security Centrum (NCSC-NL). You can sign-up for this event on location.
But there is more to do! You can join the events “My NCSC Portal”, “BREACHED! Cyber Response Exercise” by Booz Allen Hamilton and the  IACS Coalition Games. More information about these events can be found on our website https://lnkd.in/e2q2wRyB


20 september

In their session at ONE Conference, Anita Wehmann and Oscar Koeroo  will explain the threats related to advanced quantum computers and technology for the years to come and highlight why it is so important to start preparing for migration to quantum resistant cryptographic standards as of today.

This point is also addressed in the publication of NCSC and AIVD “Maak je organisatie quantum veilig” (publication in Dutch, https://www.ncsc.nl/documenten/publicaties/2023/september/18/maak-je-organisatie-quantumveilig)


19 september

At the ONE Conference, we will extensively cover the NIS2. With this directive, the European Commission and the Netherlands want to increase the digital resilience of European businesses and consumers. Thousands of organisations in the Netherlands will have to comply with the legislation resulting from the NIS2 directive by the end of 2024. We have several sessions, including the keynote of Lorena Boix-Alonso, where aspects of NIS2 will be addressed. We recently gave center stage to the NIS2 in a press release (see below).

Are you unable to attend the ONE Conference but do you recognize the importance of NIS2 for your business or organization? Then make sure to join the webinar of Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat  and Digital Trust Center on October 5th on the impact of NIS2 on your organisation.
During this webinar, you will get an up-to-date picture of the main themes from the NIS2 directive which may affect your organisation. You will learn more about the context and creation of the guideline. The webinar will also cover a number of topics, including duty of care, duty of notification, registration and supervision.
You can register via https://lnkd.in/eaqydkF5 (webinar is in Dutch)



18 september

Our E-magazine is live! With 25 inspiring articles about cybersecurity, there is enough to read and learn for everyone. After the conference we will update the magazine with highlights of the conference. You can find our E-magazine on our website


15 september

Besides a strong content programme, there is more to see and do at the ONE Conference. For example, there is an Expo with the theme “Let’s Collaborate”, where 28 projects are showcased. There will also be a focus on (young) talent at the ONE Talent Hub. The topics labour, development and policy will be discussed there. There will be pitches, meet & greets and networking opportunities. Naturally, there will also be networking opportunities outside the ONE Talent Hub. These include the networking lunch and extensive networking drinks. But you can also participate in matchmaking, where 1-on-1 meetings can be scheduled via the app. Check our website for more information.

11 september

At ONE Conference several side events will take place. One of them is the presentation of “My NCSC Portal”.
Behind the scenes the Nationaal Cyber Security Centrum (NCSC-NL) is preparing for the expansion of its target groups through the NIS2 directive. This includes hard work is being done on My NCSC Portal: an interactive platform on which all digital products and services of the NCSC are securely accessible.
Get to know this platform at the ONE Conference during the “My NCSC Portal” side event. Besides your registration to the ONE no further application is required for this event. The programme will be repeated in the morning and afternoon on both days, so you can easily combine it with your visit to the ONE Conference. More information: https://lnkd.in/eVXu6FVh


6 september 

Last week we posted a selection of our sessions. But off course there are many more sessions on offer. Below you can find a selection of the more technically oriented sessions.
Did you also know that after the conference all sessions will be puplicated in our ONE E-magazine on our website? So even if you can not be at the ONE Conference in person, you can still watch all the sessions afterwards!

o  Keynote: Catalyze Digitalization through Cybersecurity and Collective Resilience (Karen Gaines)
o  Keynote: Navigating Dilemmas and safeguarding Ethics in Cybersecurity (Jaya Baloo)
o  ALT-S – 10 years later. Did it work?  (Edwin van Andel and Mattijs van Ommeren)
o  Hacking DICOM: the hospital’s standard (Marina Galiano and Regis Cazenave)
o  Kerckhoffs’ revenge (Jos Wetzels, Carlo Meijer and Wouter Bokslag)
o  LEMMINGS: Preventing data leaks at TLD scale (Moritz Müller)
o  How to Lose Access to your Door in Two Easy Steps (Jos Weyers)

For more information about the sessions visit our website.


1 september

ONE conference offers a broad programme catering to all interests and expertise levels in cybersecurity. In addition to the keynotes in the plenary programme, there are deep dives, workshops, panels, and lightning talks. The sessions are divided into the tracks Technical, Governance, Research and Law Enforcement. Here is a selection of our sessions. For more information about the sessions visit one-conference.nl

o  Keynote: Glowing in the Dark: A New Cybersecurity Playbook for Executive & Supervisory Boards (Esther Schagen)
o  Keynote: The future belongs to those who prepare for it today (Felicity Oswald)
o  We need better regulatory tools for cyber resilience (panel with Kees Verhoeven, Angeline van Dijk, Ludo Baauw and Michiel Steltman)
o  From Paper to .EML (Fleur van Leusden)
o  When Quantum meets AI (panel with Ferd Grapperhaus, Haroon Sheikh, Maran van Heesch, Itan Barmes, Elly van de Heuvel, Jasper Nagtegaal and Lokke Moerel)
o  Results Cybersecurity Research Cooperation US-NL (panel with Peter Zinn, Anna Sperotto, DAmon McCoy, Carlos Hernandez de Ganan, Kimberly Claffy and Roland van Rijswijk-Deij)
o  Oversight on hacking operations (Jan-Jaap Oerlemans, Marcel de W. and Kenneth Linzey)
o  TIBER-NL: hacking for safety (Rogier Besemer and Vera Voogd)


24 augustus

Women in Cyber
At the ONE Conference we encourage diversity. And especially with the labour shortage in our field we could definitely use more women in cybersecurity. This year, at ONE Conference we are putting women in cyber in the spotlight. Our host and all our keynotes speakers are female.

We would like to introduce them to you:
–         Annemarie van Campen is our energetic and knowledgeable new host of the ONE Conference. She has hosted numerous events with a clear preference for communication, technology and digitization. Next to her role on stage she is a project manager for digital transformation, which secures her up-to-date knowledge
–         Lorena Boix-Alonso is Director for Digital Society, Trust & Cybersecurity at DG CONNECT at the European Commission
–         Jaya Baloo is Chief Information Security Officer at Rapid7. Her specialties are network security architecture- design & review, VOIP security and she has extensive international experience
–         Esther Schagen-van Luit is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Deloitte Netherlands and Deloitte Belgium. She continuously improves and raises the bar for Deloitte’s information security and protecting customer data. Furthermore, she is a role model dedicated to motivating more girls and women for a career in the security sector.
–         Katelyn Bailey is a senior leader for Mandiant’s Intelligence Services program. Currently, her focus is on strengthening cross-functional delivery of services during major events, leveraging the power of collaboration with new Google Cloud colleagues.
–         Karen Gaines is the Global Head of Cybersecurity Defense & Business Enablement at Siemens AG. She is dedicated to digitalization, diversity & inclusion, as well as talent development. This makes her a reference in the field and one of the technological directives with greatest perspectives for the future.

Off course there are more (female) speakers at the ONE Conference. Curious about all speakers? Check out our website: one-conference.nl

Did you know that the day after the ONE Conference there is also an event specific for women in cyber? This event is just like the ONE Conference part of the Cyber Security Week in The Hague. Women of all different backgrounds in cybersecurity can meet and exchange experiences. registration can be done from 1 September via https://lnkd.in/e-3wUeWa


3 augustus

The expo at this year’s ONE Conference has the theme “Let’s collaborate”. This year, we highlight collaborations on many different aspects of cybersecurity. There will be around 28 booths where innovative collaborations will be showcased.
A few examples are NWO (Dutch Research Council), which will present one of their major cybersecurity research programs which is the Call for proposals “Cyber security for digital resilience” in the context of the Knowledge and Innovation Convenant (KIC). The MKB Cyber Campus which focuses on cybersecurity for SME’s. SHIELD will present its innovations with regards to law enforcement. And there is even a collaboration with Centraal Orgaan opvang asielzoekers (COA) (Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers) presented together with Grabowsky about their project that ensures mitigation of the risk of cyber-attacks by blocking the attack path of a hacker.
To find out more about the expo visit https://one-conference.nl/activities/


17 juli

We are proud to bring together the top and breadth of the cybersecurity field every year in The Hague, city of peace, justice and security. For more than 20 years, The ONE Conference has been committed to providing as wide and diverse an audience with a high-quality programme. Ideally, we would like to welcome everyone from the field during the ONE Conference. After all, we are all connected!

Unfortunately, however, there is a maximum number of people we can accommodate. The popularity of the ONE Conference has increased over the years. We are of course enormously pleased of this, but it also means that every year we have to make more difficult choices as to who will be admitted as speakers and guests. This year, not only did we reach a record number of submissions for the programme, but we also reached our limits in terms of the number of invitees earlier than ever. Therefore, we must hereby announce that we have reached the maximum number of invitees. However, the reserve list remains open. Should we receive cancellations, we will turn to this list.

Are you not one of the invitees? Not to worry, prior to the ONE Conference we will publish our E-magazine, measuring more articles than ever on all aspects of cybersecurity. After the conference, the E-magazine will be further expanded with recordings of various sessions given during the conference. https://one-conference.nl/registration/

4 juli

The ONE Conference is part of the Cyber Security Week in The Hague. In this week more events about cybersecurity will take place. In the first week of October, The Hague is the place to be when it concerns cybersecurity! Read more about this week in the article posted below. [https://lnkd.in/eGtyB8Q6]

8 juni

The programme of the ONE Conference is up on our website! There are a few sessions which we will keep for ourselves for a little longer until they are more concrete, but you can already take a look to have an idea about what to expect from this edition.
In addition to the programme, there is more to experience. There is an Expo, a Talent Hub, Matchmaking area and, of course, extensive networking opportunities.
ONE Conference is jointly organised by the Nationaal Cyber Security Centrum (NCSC-NL)Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat and Gemeente Den Haag. It is a 2-day in-person event which offers an unique opportunity to share the latest insights and developments in cybersecurity and meet key cybersecurity stakeholders.
The ONE Conference is an invitation-only event. The registration for invitees has opened today. If you did not receive an invitation but would like to attend ONE Conference, then sign up for the waitlist via the website.