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The Expo had the theme "Let's collaborate". A variety of organisations showcased their collaborations here, including their success stories and learnings. Organisations participating in the Expo were, among others:



ACCSS stands for ACCSS – ACademic Cyber Security Society, founded to ensure that academia optimally contributes to a secure digital society. On this theme we represent scientific researchers at academic institutions in the Netherlands.


Bodyguard & Tien Security

Tien Security, a leading provider of security services for SMEs, and software supplier have announced a strategic collaboration. has developed a groundbreaking that cleans attachments virus-free in a fraction of a second, providing essential protection against unknown viruses and zero days. Tien Security uses this innovative technology to distinguish its modern workplace offering.


CFLW & Iknaio

We, CFLW Cyber Strategies BV from the Netherlands and Iknaio Cryptoasset Analytics GmbH from Austria, would like to apply for a joint booth. Parties have worked together for more than 4 years including period when technology was in research phases. Our technologies, with proper scientific foundation from TNO and AIT, have been translated into operational law enforcement technology. This is achieved together with the Bavarian Central Office for the Prosecution of Cybercrime (ZCB) as
launching customer setting new requirements. This collaboration on fight against cybercrime resulted in several arrests and convicted criminals send to prison. To give a sphere impression of the collaboration, see our latest joint article1. The collaboration between CFLW and Iknaio synergistically combines dark web monitoring and cryptoasset visualization, empowering investigators with comprehensive data-driven forensics to combat cyber-enabled crime effectively.


COA & Grabowsky

Grabowsky has been a reliable guide in the field of Digital Identity for more than 35 years. We strengthen the resilience and agility of small and large organizations in Europe. This allows them to improve their efficiency and revenue and provide a better experience to their employees and customers, while protecting their privacy. As an industry leader in Digital Identity, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach and expertise. It has earned us industry-leading awards.

At ONE Conference we are present with our customer COA, the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers in the Netherlands. Together, we are shaping COA’s Digital Identity roadmap, employing a risk-based approach, with a strong emphasis on Privileged Access Management.

We look forward to meeting you at our stand!


Cyber Chain Resilience Consortium (CCRC)

The Cyber Chain Resilience Consortium (CCRC) is a platform where public and private organisations and their suppliers, work together cross-sectorally to protect against “Supply Chain Cyber Attacks”.
CCRC participants jointly share the effort and costs of setting up and conducting cyber exercises in the chain, with the whole thing being fully facilitated by CCRC. This makes cyber exercises more accessible to companies and, in this way, we as CCRC ensure a more cyber resilient Netherlands.

Mission: Increasing the cyber resilience of the Netherlands by making chain-related cyber exercises easily accessible.

Vision: CCRC contributes to improving the individual cyber resilience of all participating organisations by sharing knowledge and practising chain-related cyber attacks.



Cyberus is an Auditing and Consultancy firm, specialized in IT Auditing, IT Risk Management, Privacy, Compliance & Cyber Security. Cyberus was founded by former BIG4 IT Auditors and IT Risk Consultants. From Cyberus we saw that the regulations from regulators for both IT organizations and Risk, Compliance and Audit departments are increasing further, as well as in their complexity. Cyberus was created in response to this, where we at Cyberus have an experienced team and a broad network of connected interim professionals, in order to jointly offer the right solution.
For the ONE Expo we are gladly offer our propositions in togetherness with the municipality of Eindhoven on NIS2 implementation requirements and implementation. In this effort we closely work together with our technical brothers from Chapter8. So, NIS2go powered by Cyberus and Chapter8.

Cyberweerbaar NL (Expertisecentrum Cyberweerbaar)

Cyberweerbaar NL is committed to a cyber resilient Netherlands. Our focus is on people’s behaviour and attitudes. We map out which behavioural and attitude aspects influence cyber resilience and how organisations can improve these aspects. To this end, we offer practically applicable knowledge, insights and tools that strengthen the resilience of SMEs and public organisations.


The Cyclotron program is a public-private partnership between government, businesses and civil society organizations. This collaboration should lead to a platform where public and private parties share information about digital incidents and threats. In this way, the Cyclotron program contributes to a digitally resilient Netherlands.



Digital resilience close by
As an entrepreneur, you are increasingly dealing with digital solutions for your services and administration. But do you also have the knowledge and skills to work on your digital resilience? And demonstrate this to customers and other stakeholders? Not every organization wants to take the step towards ISO 27001 certification because there is a lack of urgency or it is seen as too big or too expensive. With CYRA you can immediately start step by step to increase your cyber resilience and show partners what your current level cybersecurity level is. CYRA provides a clear, uniform approach that can be adapted for industries. This way, supply chains and branches can prepare for responsibilities within NIS2 and at the same time work together on a resilient supply chain. For yourself, for your colleagues, for your customers and suppliers.



dcypher is the collaboration platform for research and development on cyber security in the Netherlands. dcypher facilitates companies, knowledge institutes and government bodies that want to work together to make the Netherlands digitally safer, stronger and more autonomous. At dcypher you can find the partners, funding and expertise to:

  • convert research into effective applications
  • train top-level cybersecurity professionals
  • strengthen the Dutch knowledge position in the field of cyber security



The Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure is an organisation run on volunteers.  DIVD makes the digital world safer by finding vulnerabilities in digital systems and reporting them to organizations that can actually fix them. DIVD works worldwide. They do this in a Dutch way: open, honest and together.



The Fraudehelpdesk Zakelijk (Fraud Helpdesk Business) is the central organization for entrepreneurial questions and incident response in the field of fraud and digital security. Representatives of all companies in the Netherlands can contact us when they have questions and/or reports about cybersecurity and (attempted) fraud. Sometimes we will be able to offer a helping hand immediately and at other times we refer to alternative institutions or specific instruments that can be deployed.


HackShield turns children into Cyber Agents who can protect themselves and their surroundings from online dangers. They learn to recognize and prevent cybercrime in a playful manner and become real Cyber Agents who can also help their (grand)parents to be safe in the digital world.



Security Delta (HSD) is the Dutch security cluster. Over 275 companies, governmental organisations and knowledge institutions have been working together since 2013 to make a difference in securing our digitising society. They share their knowledge and collaborate on innovative security solutions, which can be scaled within the Netherlands and internationally. With a focus on Cyber Security & Resilience, Data & AI/Intel and Smart Secure Societies. By providing access to knowledge, innovation, market, finance, and talent, HSD takes care of the preconditions for a successful security cluster. The HSD Campus in The Hague is the inspiring meeting place. Our common goal is to strengthening the Dutch economy, increase employment rates and making The Netherlands more secure.


IACS Coalitie

Industrial Automation and Control Systems, or IACS, is an imperceptible, but influential, part of everyday life. For example, IACS is used in factories to make complex processes run smoothly and effectively, controls traffic lights, makes sure the lift stops on the right floor, regulates clean drinking water and controls that the water level in the Netherlands is at the right level.

The digitisation of physical processes through IACS not only brings many benefits, but also introduces risks of digital threats. If such a threat occurs, there is a chance of (major) damage to people and the environment. It is therefore important to deploy IACS digitally resilient. This ambition is endorsed by, among others, the Dutch Cybersecurity Strategy (NLCS) and implementation of European directives such as the Network and Information Systems Security Act (Wbni).

The IACS coalition aims to support this ambition by strengthening cooperation to effectively and efficiently meet this challenge together.


InCyber Forum



Internet Cleanup Foundation

The internet cleanup foundation has the mission to make the internet safe for everyone. They produce open source software that measures cyber security on an immense scale and publishes those results in a way everyone can understand. The project has resulted in tens of thousands of security fixes throughout the country. This transparent and low cost approach in security has been adopted in various Dutch government policies. You can see results from the Netherlands publicly on

Isuna & Royal NEN

Isuna became the first cyber compliance partner of Royal NEN in February 2021. The partnership foundation was built on an extensive validation process, whereby Isuna evidenced its innovative approach to helping SMEs comply with the information security standard ISO27001.
Together we have developed a solution that simplifies the complexity of the ISO standard into easy-to-follow steps and one that meets the latest requirements. With the help of Royal NEN the Isuna Cyber Compliance platform is based upon the latest version of 27001 / 27002 and is aligned with all pending changes.
Isuna works closely with NEN and its clients to make the platform as intuitive and useful as possible.
Through our partnership, we have also developed compliance solutions for GDPR, ISO7510, and DNB.
Visit us to find out more on how we can help you.


MindYourPass is a Dutch cybersecurity company, located on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. We offer a revolutionary, patented, solution for password security for organisations and individuals. What makes MindYourPass stand out is that it offers the strongest passwords possible without complexity for its users, that it is vault-less, making it truly “zero-knowledge”, and that its use can be enforced in organisations finally making password security something that can be controlled. Furthermore, MindYourPass is the first vault-less Passkey authenticator.

MindYourPass is privacy-by-design. That is, it doesn’t store personal information and users are anonymous. MindYourPass is free for personal use without restrictions in functionality. MindYourPass also offers a unique password scan that provides unprecedented insight into an organization’s online security.

MKB Cybercampus

The MKB Cyber Campus is the place where business, education, and government work together to build digital resilience, cyber safety and cybersecurity for SMEs. The mission of the MKB Cyber Campus is to make SMEs resilient in the fight against the fast-growing cybercrime. The Cyber Campus is the knowledge and test centre for SMEs in the field of cybersafety in the Netherlands and thus fits well with the ambitions of the city of Leeuwarden and the province of Friesland. The MKB Cyber Campus was set up to combine the forces of businesses, education, and government in this field. Through research and education, the MKB Cyber Campus works together to develop practical knowledge and innovations that SME entrepreneurs can use to increase their digital resilience.


The Dutch Research Council (NWO) is one of the most important science funding bodies in the Netherlands and realises quality and innovation in science.
NWO also fulfils an important bridging function between researchers, governments, politics, knowledge institutions, industry and other knowledge users. Scientific research – fundamental, applied and practical – plays a key role in shaping us as a society. And in shaping our country, in societal, economic and social terms. In the field of cybersecurity, NWO funds many research projects, including thematic research with broad consortia. NWO introduces the Call for proposals ‘Cybersecurity for digital resilience’ to provide a substantial boost to cybersecurity knowledge and innovation. This boost focuses on cybersecurity issues that need to be solved to securely digitally shape multiple societal transitions and to strengthen the digital resilience of the Netherlands. NWO is inviting public-private partnerships to jointly compose a research proposal, and the Call will open in the beginning of October 2023.


The Partnership for Cyber Security Innovation (PCSI) is a Dutch public-private partnership and plays an essential role in a secure and resilient digital society by innovation in the field of cybersecurity. PCSI joins forces in developing applicable and innovative cyber security solutions that companies and organizations in Dutch society can use to protect themselves against tomorrow’s cyber-attacks.

By working together intensively through an innovative ecosystem, cyber security specialists and experts from our partners connect applied research, actual data and societal challenges uniquely by using each other’s networks and working closely together on cyber security innovation.

Members from PCSI partners, who have the relevant expertise and face similar threats in their daily work, combine their knowledge and workload in small and engaged project teams. This combination of expertises creates an effective and unique working experience.

Platform voor internetstandaarden

The Internet Standards Platform is a public-private platform, where, in addition to governments, the most important stakeholders of the (Dutch) internet come together to share knowledge and insights and to develop initiatives. The aim of the Internet Standards Platform is to promote the adoption and use of modern internet standards and thus make the internet more accessible, secure and reliable for everyone. Even in a modern country like the Netherlands, we still use (too) many outdated standards, which fall short in reliability and pose a risk to the individual internet user, but also the ”BV Nederland”.
The compliance tool shows via a test whether your e-mail, website and/or internet connection is up-to-date. And, if not, shows what you can do about it.

For non-profit organizations and companies from the vital sector, an API is also available, with a dashboard account. This makes it easy to test multiple domains at the same time. Do you want to know more about this? Check out: at main · internetstandards/ · GitHub

Come and visit us on the Expo floor to see how you score. Do you have 100%? Then you get a little something from us. Not there yet? Then we would like to tell you more about possible quick wins.

Alert Online pays attention to online awareness and cyber-safe behaviour. Through a campaign, this initiative stimulates, activates and facilitates its public and private partners to organize activities towards their own supporters in October, cybersecurity month. In this way, we use joint forces to bring cyber resilience to the attention of employees, customers and their immediate environment. Does your organization consider cyber awareness and cyber resilience important enough to organize activities for its own employees or network? Then become a partner of Alert Online. By working together, we achieve more to make the Netherlands safer online.

Are you looking for a way to discuss safety topics in your organization or team in a fun and interactive way? Walk past our stand and we will be happy to tell you more.

PRODAFT & CyberPeace Institute

PRODAFT is a pioneering cyber threat intelligence company. Since 2012, we are focused on a proactive approach to cybersecurity by intercepting and mitigating threats before they happen. Our vision as a company is embedded in our name, with PRODAFT standing for Proactive Defense Against Future Threats. Our goal is to keep citizens, businesses, and governments safe from any major security threats by providing timely and accurate information.

Based on our long-lasting expertise, we have developed threat and risk intelligence platforms that are unique in their ability to deliver verified, intelligence-led data. Specifically tailored and relevant for each customer, we provide more actionable insights and less workload.

At PRODAFT, we routinely collaborate with public and law enforcement authorities, university researchers, and other cybersecurity organizations, such as the CyberPeace Institute. By sharing our intelligence and knowledge of the field, we assist in creating safer cyberspace for the most vulnerable communities.”

The CyberPeace Institute is a Geneva based organization protecting the most vulnerable in cyberspace. Independent and neutral, headquartered in Geneva, the Institute investigates and analyzes the human impact of systemic cyber threats, delivers free cybersecurity assistance, tracks the enforcement of international laws and norms and forecasts threats to Cyberpeace.




Scalys provides cutting-edge hardware hardened solutions, aiming for a secure Netherlands in a secure world, by protecting them from cyber threats. By collaborating and innovating closely with both public and private organizations we strive to make a meaningful impact in the field of cyber secure products. Together with our partners Scalys makes ‘easy to use’ products securing your communication and data; Plug & Protect!

On this ’23 edition of the One Conference we are using fictional case studies to proudly present solutions securing critical infrastructure and solutions to secure you, while working in remote locations.



We enable you to manage your network and detect security threats from the inside out. Unlock the power of holistic cybersecurity with Sceptr.
Focusing solely on security may compromise performance, user experience, and business productivity. This is where combining security and performance monitoring solutions becomes crucial. Accept that you can’t manage what you can’t see and let us help you detect the undetected. Stay steps ahead with Sceptr as we swiftly detect areas demanding attention, equipping you with the necessary tools to proactively tackle issues before they spiral out of control.

SHIELD (Police)

At the innovation hub SHIELD the Dutch police and the City of The Hague work together on technological innovations in the security domain. Projects in SHIELD are focused on crowd management, tackling smuggling and the detection of illegal drone flights in the city.