Focus on cyber security and economic opportunities

It is one of the largest international cyber security conferences: the ONE Conference. During the conference, national and international experts from the business community, science and government talk about current developments in the field of cyber security. From technical to policy issues, the conference offers a broad range of topic. Moreover, it not only focuses on mere cyber security, but also on the economic opportunities offered by the cyber domain.

The conference is organized in cooperation between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the National Cyber Security Centre and the Municipality in The Hague. In alignment with the ONE Conference, the city aims to stimulate the exchange of cyber security knowledge, ideas and innovations for a more secure future. ECP, Platform for the Information Society offers support in the logistical organization of the conference.

Normally, this is a two-day conference and consists of a plenary programme, various breakout sessions and an Innovation Floor. Technical topics such as malware detection, incident response, law enforcement cases and less technical subjects, such as public-private partnerships or governance, are discussed. Attention is also given to research from industry and academia. Given the uncertainty involved in organizing large events, the ONE Conference team is keeping all scenarios open as to the format of this year's conference. We are considering a hybrid format that includes online streaming and on-site sessions with a live audience, within all limits of what can be allowed. More information on the format will be announced at a later date.


Since 2013 The Netherlands hosts the One Conference (formerly known as the Govcert symposium, the first in 2002). For many people from the technical cyber security community one of the ‘must-visit’ conferences worldwide. Partly due to the link with the Global Conference on Cyberspace (2015) and the Dutch EU-presidency (2016) the One Conference has grown in importance and is broadened to an initiative of the national government.