Day 1

Operation PowerOFF: Join the fight!

Session complexity:
With the takedown of Webstresser in 2018 the Netherlands Police shut down the biggest DDoS-website. This operation was coined Operation PowerOFF. A lot happened since, but one thing is for sure: booterservices are still widely available and people still buy attacks. Therefore, law enforcement continues taking down these services while arresting suppliers. However, the majority of these DDoS-attacks are launched in response to disputes over business or gaming, often committed by youngsters unaware of its illegality and consequences. Last year Operation PowerOFF continued. Investigative organizations from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany joined forces to influence the global criminal DdoS-market. Not only to go after the naughty admins, but also to target its customers while disrupting the marketplace and creating distrust. The year is not over for Operation PowerOFF and continues in 2024. In this talk we’ll take you through Power OFFs journey, explain how the international coalition is taking an holistic approach to the criminal phenomenon and how various interventions complement each other. But most of all, we’ll tell you how you can join the fight!

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