Day 1

Operation Centurion, next step in fighting digital crime

Session complexity:
There is a crime shift going on. Traditional crimes such as burglaries, thefts and robberies have been declining for years, while digital crime is on the rise. The Dutch police has invested heavily in strengthening their digital capabilities in recent years. We now have a national high-tech crime team and capable regional cybercrime teams. However, the huge increase in digital crime requires a broader approach with all police teams. Operation Centurion gives direction to this by starting a movement that disrupts criminal systems behind digital crime, and strengthens the position of local police teams at the same time.

This is done by centrally enriching reports of digital crime with data from the suspect, and automatically routing them to the local police team where the suspect lives. In this approach, neighborhood, web and world come together and victims are offered a new perspective in addition to criminal law to hold suspects liable and to compensate for the damage through private law. Operation Centurion thus acts as a lever in the ongoing digital transformation of the Dutch police organization. a movement that has broadened to the public prosecution service and the integrated approach with private and public parties.

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