Day 2

From Paper to .EML

Session complexity:
In The Netherlands everyone can trust the results of elections. That is our mission as Dutch Electorial Council. In order to secure this, we have multiple checks and balances build into the process of elections and aim to make the process as transparent and verifiable as possible. We still vote with pencil and paper, but software is used to assist in tallying the votes. This software is published by the Kiesraad and made publicly available.

But is it really possible for you as a civilian to reliably verify the process? What are these checks and balances built into in our election process, and how do they aim to mitigate the perceived risks? What can we do to make the process more transparent and more verifiable, and what can you do to help us?

In this talk we will address these questions. We also discuss possibilities, common misconceptions, and pitfalls concerning digitalized voting or digitalizing parts of the election process. And explain why we don't use blockchains or DigID for our elections.

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