Day 2

From Chaos to Evidence: Dissect-ing Digital Artifacts

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Dissect is a powerful, extremely scalable, and easy-to-use open-source digital forensics and incident response framework. With Dissect, you can quickly access and analyze forensic artifacts from various disk and file formats, even when confronted with data of thousands of hosts. Dissect can also be easily extended with new functionality to fit your specific needs. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily extract and analyze data, allowing them to convert chaos into valuable evidence.

The Joint Sigint Cyber Unit (collaboration between General and Military Intelligence and Security Service) and Fox-IT will show you how Dissect is not only perfect for digital forensics but also for lab automation and threat intelligence research. Many organizations in the field of cyber security as well as governmental organizations are already using Dissect for their own purpose. The goal of this presentation is to brief the audience about Dissect, how it should be used and what the possibilities are. As Dissect is an open-source product the presenters will also go into the challenges that go into working on a large open-source project like Dissect.

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