Day 2

Keynote: Catalyze Digitalization through Cybersecurity and Collective Resilience

Session complexity:
As a leading provider of solutions and services in the industrial world, Siemens understands that protecting every aspect of the supply chain at 100% is no longer feasible in today's rapidly evolving cybersecurity threat landscape. That's why Siemens advocates for a risk-based approach that prioritizes the most critical assets and vulnerabilities. Karen Gaines, Chief Global Head of Cyber Defense and Business Enablement will show why adopting a Zero Trust mindset is crucial to contain any blast radius. Cybersecurity team at Siemens thinks end-to-end when it comes to securing its and its customers products, solutions, and services, ensuring that cybersecurity is integrated at every stage, from design to deployment, as well as global collaboration is imperative to increase collective resistance to global threats.

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