Open registration is closed

Thank you very much for your interest in the conference. The open registration for this event is closed. Confirmation mails of admittance will be send out six weeks in advance of the conference. It is no longer possible to apply for the conference without invitation.

International delegates

If you are an international delegate with a personal invitation by the municipality of The Hague, please contact for questions about admittance.

Track Topics

Day 1
  • Law Enforcement
  • New Technologies
  • CTI
  • Research
  • Looking Back and Forward
  • Detecting Phishing
Day 2
  • Law Enforcement
  • Human Factor
  • In Practice
  • Frameworks
  • Skills
  • DDoS
Day 3
  • Law Enforcement
  • ICS and OT
  • Governance
  • PPS
  • Research
  • By Design

Participation policy

In awarding or rejecting registrations, several criteria are taken into account to achieve an optimal mix of participants.
  • Primarily substantive participants
The strength of the One Conference lies in its content-oriented focus. The participants are primarily active in the field of cybersecurity. Participants with a commercial orientation are kept to a minimum.
  • Maximum number per company or organization
In general, a maximum of 5 cards will be awarded per company or organization. Besides, the selection of the participants is based on organization, motivation, and function.
  • Proper distribution of public, private and academic participants
Achieving and maintaining cybersecurity requires intensive cooperation between these three sectors. Based on experience gained in this cooperation, a division between these groups of 45%, 35%, and 20% respectively, is the target.
  • A good representation of the target groups of the NCSC
The NCSC provides its services to the national government and vital sectors; these target groups must be adequately represented at the conference. Both ministries aim to ensure that at least 25% of the participants represent the target groups of the NCSC.
  • Sufficient representatives of cooperation partners
The cooperation partners in the field of cyber security must be (able to be) present in adequate numbers. These are both public and private partners. Both ministries aim to achieve 25% of the number of participants.
  • Sufficient number of international participants.
For a sufficiently international character, at least 12,5% of international participants (including speakers) are required.
  • Sufficient room for open registration
Although the conference was originally invitation-based, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the NCSC, strive for openness and transparency. For this reason, they will make space available for 'open registration.' They propose that at least 30% of the participants should come from open tenders.
  • International missions
The municipality of The Hague is responsible for the acquisition of international missions. For this purpose, 300 places are reserved per day.