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ONE Talent Hub

The ONE Talent Hub is a meeting place for talent in cybersecurity. Looking for a opportunity, a way to further develop your skills or looking for the latest update in policies? The ONE Talent Hub is the place to be! There were three main topics to explore: Development, Policy and Labour.
Speakers at the ONE Conference

Sessions & partners

In the ONE Talent Hub three pillars will be central: Policy, Development and Labour Market. For each pillar, relevant parties will be present in the hub to talk more about opportunities to develop in cybersecurity, how the labour market works and what government bodies are doing with policy at the moment.


The following partners will be visited at the Talent Hub to give you more information:

  • The Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • DIVD-academy
  • Security Delta
  • The Hague International Centre
  • Cyberworkplace
  • TILT, TU Delft and iHub
  • Jason Institute
  • MultiTeam Solutions
  • Platform Talent voor Technologie
  • Centrum voor Veiligheid en Digitalisering
  • Municipality of The Hague

Meet & Greet

In the ONE Talent Hub, it is possible to engage with people who have proven themselves in their field. Pick their brain about the opportunities within cybersecurity and the different jobs you can do. If you want to join one of the meet & greets just show up at the ONE Talent Hub at the timeslots mentioned below and ask your question!


Tuesday 3 October

10:45-11:05 Oscar Koeroo (CISO – Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport) on switching from private (KPN) to public

11:05-11:25 Dimitri van Zantvliet (CISO – Dutch Railways) on IT versus OT cybersecurity

11:25-11:45 Victor Gevers (ethical hacker – DIVD/DIVD Academy/Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) On ethical hacking

13:35-13:55 Wido van der Mast (CEO AET Europe) on the labourmarket for Cryptografy

13:55-14:15 Aart Jochem (CISO National government – Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) on the concern role of CISO Rijk within the government


Wednesday 4 October

10:45-11:05 Barend Frans (National Police) on cybersecurity programmaes within the Police.

11:05-11:25 Mariëlle Kolff (director/consultant – Connect2Trust/Ministry of Justice and Security) on Cybercrime

11:25-11:45 Sam van Rooij (CISO – VolkerWessels) on working in a global company

13:35-13:55 Bram Mooij (CISO & Ethical Hacker –Connect2Trust) on cyber forensics

13:55-14:15 Anita Wehmann (Adviseur – Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) on Post-Quantum Crypto



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Networking & job opportunity's

Visitors will also have the chance to get career advice from recruiters. There will also be a whiteboard on which ‘I am looking’ and ‘I am offering’ will be written. Talent-seeking organisations can write on ‘I offer’ internships, traineeships, jobs or other career opportunities. Talent can mention at ‘I am looking for’ what they are looking for to take further steps in their career