Guidance on OT security risk analysis

Organisation: Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Date: 03-10-2023

Time: 13:30-15:30

Location: World Forum (South America)

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Operational Technology (OT) is a vulnerable building block for vital processes. OT plays a central role within the control,  monitoring and management of physical processes within  (vital) organisations. OT security is of vital importance, but faces important challenges. OT systems are often inherently vulnerable, while digital threats are on the rise. It is important for an organization to understand its own OT landscape, including its vulnerabilities. A risk analysis can be useful to determine where the ‘crown jewels’ are located, which risks are present and which measures must be taken. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management started a project to develop a guidance on carrying out such a risk analysis. In this session this project will be explained in more detail. Participants are also invited to share any experiences they already have in this area.

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