Oscar Koeroo

CISO concern at Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports

As the CISO Concern for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports Oscar defines the information security strategy for the ministry, coordinates general challenges and risk management for the ministry. The ministry is composes out of various kinds of organizations, each with their own security teams.
Oscar combines his deep-technical background with policy and strategy making to serve the (political) objectives of the ministry.
Before working at the ministry, Oscar worked at the largest telecom provider in the Netherlands for 8 years as strategic policy advisor and leader on information security and business continuity. Before his telecom career, Oscar worked at Nikhef, the Dutch national institute for sub-atomic physics and worked on the creation of and securing a computing infrastructure for the purpose of physics data processing systems on a global scale.
His specialty on practical use of cryptography started from 2003 at Nikhef by extending OpenSSL stacks, in his spare time providing security patches to the cUrl project, working on various cryptographic project supporting the telecom provider itself, lecture at the Leiden University, and being part of various government projects working on the future.
Oscar is also a member of the QvC-Rijk team.

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Oscar Koeroo
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Oscar Koeroo