Patricia Zorko is the Deputy National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV) and Director of the NCTV’s Cybersecurity Department. Keeping the Netherlands safe has been a recurrent theme throughout her career. After completing her studies at the Police College, she began work as an inspector with the Utrecht municipal police in 1986. She later held a number of other positions, including district commander and head of the regional criminal investigation team. In 2015 Ms Zorko made the transition from the police to the Ministry of Justice and Security. Her work as Director of the Cybersecurity Department centres on digital protection, a challenge with a broad range of responsibilities, as illustrated by the analyses conducted under Ms Zorko’s leadership every year. Threats are on the rise and are becoming more complex all the time. In the meantime society and the economy have become entirely dependent on digital technology. Ms Zorko’s decision to vigorously spotlight cybersecurity has resulted in the Dutch Cybersecurity Agenda: seven goals to which public and private sector parties are committing themselves to further enhance the Netherlands’ approach to cybersecurity. This initiative puts cybersecurity at the heart of the Dutch Digitalisation Strategy