Krzysztof Swaczynski

Chief Executive Officer, SEQRED INTERNATIONAL

Krzysztof is strategic advisor in the field of OT and IT security. He is a founder and board member of Seqred - cyber security shop focused on testing and improving security in ICS field. He gained his experience while working for strategic consultancy companies EY and BCG. He advised global organizations in government, power & utilities, manufacturing, air transportation and building automation sectors, on the planning and safe implementation of IT and OT solutions as well as company-wide technology driven transformation programs. His experience includes working with European Commission's DG HOME overseeing strategic IT and OT solutions quality and security. He worked with the management boards, CIOs, CISOs, whom he advised on fulfilling their potential and eliminating the risks stemming from new technologies. He expanded his managerial qualifications while participating in the Executive Education program at the MIT Sloan School of Management. In his current professional capacity Krzysztof leads team of OT security consultants and researches specialized in vulnerabilities assessments, i.e. reverse engineering, fuzzing and penetration testing. He is a holder of GIAC: Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP) Certificate and GIAC Response and Industrial Defense (GRID) globally recognized industrial cybersecurity certification.