Serious gaming expo

18 October 2022
Time: 09:15
World Forum (Lobby 3)

Cybersecurity is about processes, technologies and people, but most organizations often struggle with the people element. Policies and measures designed to make an organization more cyber secure are often experienced as a nuisance. Gamification is part of the solution to enhance the cyber resilience of organizations. Serious games are not just a tool to increase awareness, but can also be deployed to practice with cyber incidents. In the serious gaming expo co-organized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, visitors can learn more about:
1. The Alisson cyber crisis game: take a look at the fictitious drinking water organization “Alisson” as 3 different cyber incidents unfold. How would your organization respond? Trailer Serious game Alisson - YouTube
2. How serious gaming can help mitigate cyberrisks across multiple organizations in an operational chain. A boardgame specifically designed to bring organizations together who use similar hardware, software and interfaces to run their daily operations.
3. The serious gaming market in the Netherlands. At the expo we will present an overview of existing games designed to enhance the cyber resilience of organizations, particularly in the watersector and/or the government.

So, walk by and learn how gamification can help your organization to become more cyber resilient. The break-outs will be held parallel to the regular break-out sessions at ONE Conference.
Location: South America, World Forum
Entry: Open (no registration required)

As part of the serious gaming expo, we will host walk-in sessions throughout the programme of the ONE conference. During these sessions, visitors can actually play some of the gaming options available for their organizations. A detailed programme overview will be available at the serious gaming expo during the ONE conference.
Break-outs will be held at:

Day 1: 11.00h, 13.40h and 15.00h
Day 2: 13.00h and 14.20h
Location: South America, World Forum
Entry: Open (no registration required)