Municipal level cyber resilience

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[EVENT IN DUTCH / INVITATION ONLY] This side event is especially for mayors, who at a local government level are interested in the inside organizational effects of a ransomware attack. In this session the focus is on the organizational effects and lessons learned which will be discussed with the mayor of Buren.
The ransomware attack effected the organization and its inhabitants who rely on a safe and consistent service of their municipality. A ransomware attack can affect their monthly allowance or even the assurance of their identity. The organizational impact of the ransomware attack is also huge, as it takes people away from regular jobs and requires a different type of crisis communication. The local council is an important party as well as the media. What were the dilemmas for the mayor, the organization and the local council?


The technical analysis of events, lessons learned and root causes can be found here.


11.00 – 12.30 u:
Mayor Buren, Josan Meijers and town clerk Michiel van Dalen will discuss their dilemma’s and course of events from inside the ransomware attack.


This side event brings you plenty of opportunities to network and visit related sessions at the ONE Conference, like the lecture of Inge van der Beijl on the mental impact of ransomware attacks.


Entry: Invitation Only (registration required).
This side event is co-organized by the Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten.
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