Women In Cybersecurity Community Association

Track: Main Stage
Technical level
Time: 15:00

WICCA is a circle of women in cybersecurity based in The Netherlands with a vision to spread the infosec word to everyone. We want to bring female cybersecurity professionals and security enthusiasts together and create a learning funnel for newcomers to join the field. We teach hacking, exploits, incident response, forensics, the low-level stuff, and especially make bad crypto jokes!

We want to build a community of badass security women in the Netherlands and hopefully inspire future generations to join keyboards and get the hacking started! And making sure we welcome everybody who feels the need for a safe space away from the majority. Why is there a need and are we so successful?

Speakers in this session
Organizer, Women In Cybersecurity Community Association
Co-founder, Women In Cybersecurity Community Association
Head of Researchers, Zerocopter