The mental impact of ransomware attacks

Track: Law enforcement
Technical level
Time: 14:20

What is the impact of a ransomware incident? We hear stories of having no IT for 23 days on average, of loss amounts per day, of ransom demands in the millions. This is all part of the directly visible impact of ransomware. But there is an invisible side to the impact as well! The mental impact of these incidents on the management, IT staff and other employees of a victim company is huge.

We performed qualitative and quantitative research among ransomware victims, a year after the incident occurred. In this presentation we talk you through our preliminary findings and show how different groups in victim organizations experience this mental impact, and what factors contribute to this experience. So join us if you want to hear how psychology can help us in cybersecurity incidents!

Speakers in this session
Director Cyber Security/CTO, Northwave
Director Behaviour & Training, Northwave