Offender prevention; a new approach in the fight against cybercrime

Track: Law Enforcement
Technical level
Time: 13:00

This presentation outlines a long-neglected aspect in the fight against cybercrime; the human factor. We will detail the findings from unique and insightful interviews with technically skilled high profile cyber offenders and outline how a cybercriminal career pathway was formulated and utilized to develop a template for offender prevention.

Furthermore, we will provide an overview of the various interventions our team developed aiming to stop risk groups and offenders from progressing on this pathway. Our activities will be explained with emphasis on providing informed choices for young, inquisitive digital natives.

The presentation aims to provide law enforcement and the private sector with understanding and evidence to support representations for building cybercrime offender prevention. Alongside digital responsibility into criminal justice systems and cyber security portfolios this helps to reduce the flow into and impact of cybercrime at all levels.

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Speakers in this session
Prevent Officer at the THTC, Dutch National Police
Prevent Officer at the THTC, Dutch National Police