Improving Business Security by implementing Security.txt

Track: Governance
Technical level
Time: 13:00

The Digital Trust Center has been assigned the task to inform Business in The Netherlands on security risks in their network and informationsystems. One of the most challenging parts of this task is to actually find the contact details of the business under threat. Therefore, there is a need of a simple and comprehensive way to find the appropriate contact details of these businesses.

The DTC believes to have found the solution in the use of security.txt. In this session we will address the challenge we are facing and present the security.txt solution. It will address the initial idea behind security.txt, which has been recently accepted as a RFC (RFC9116) by the Internet Engineering Task Force. Furthermore, it wil address the way forward. The session will be presented by a senior DTC staff member, together with an expert on Security.txt, a member of the Dutch Standardization Forum and a representative of the target businesses.

Speakers in this session
Cyber Security Advisor, the Digital Trust Center
Public affairs advisor, NLdigital
Security researcher and co-author of security.txt (RFC 9116)