Takes Two to Tango: Standards-making as a form of sovereign-claiming in a security environment

Track: Research
Technical level
Time: 13:00

The role of technical standards bodies have always been important in determining how markets operate, and the cybersecurity field is no exception to this. However, when the norms, rules, and standards determined by these non-state-based actors infringe on national security concerns, discussions need to be had about the dance between the technical and security communities.

This session will raise points about the relationship between technical and security communities, and how this reflects on notions of sovereignty in cyberspace.

Speakers in this session
Account Manager, Electrotechnology and ICT Standardisation Team, CEN-CENELEC
Head of Policy & Development, European Cybercrime Centre, Europol
Director, European Government Affairs, Microsoft
Senior Lecturer and Chair in Digital Sovereignty, University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Brussel