Popopizza - How to break the Dutch police bodycams for fun and pizza

Track: Technical
Technical level
Time: 13:00

The Dutch police has been trying to collaborate with ‘private partners’, including the Dutch hacker community in the Netherlands, for years now (the great Public Private Partnership or PPP), with mild succes. So when they asked us what they could organise to get to know us, we replied with “invite us to hack police shit and eat pizza’s”. We thought we would never hear of them again. Surprise surprise, they eventually invited us in.

So we at Zerocopter created a team consisting of brilliant hard- and software hackers from the Dutch hacking community and went to the Amsterdam police station to try and hack some of their obsolete bodycams. Did we succeed? Come and find out and prepare to laugh your ass off!

Speakers in this session
Security professional, Thice security
CTO, Zerocopter b.v.