Is traditional cybercrime becoming extinct?

Track: Law enforcement
Technical level
Time: 13:00

The current cyber threat landscape shows continuous merging of traditional crime and cybercrime. Organized criminal organizations are running ransomware businesses, old fashioned fraudsters are using new online applications and even the drugs trade today has high tech components. Cybercrime is increasingly used by career criminals to help undermine the rule of law.

This development sees the traditional cybercrime silo with specialized experts shatter. So how do we respond? Is the infosec community prepared to deal with this paradigm shift? Is the criminal law toolbox for traditional crimes sufficient for these new threats?

In this panel discussion, organized by the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service, several experts are asked to reflect on cybercrime becoming intertwined with mainstream crime. Furthermore they are invited to share their thoughts on how the criminal law toolbox that we have can be used to deal with these merged threats.

Speakers in this session
Universiteit Leiden
Department Head – National High-Tech Crime Unit, Dutch National Police
Project Manager Cybercrime, Public Prosecution Service
Chief Public Prosecutor in The Hague, Public Prosecution Service