Gimme the right route, please! - Panel on Internet Routing Security

Track: Governance
Technical level
Time: 13:00

Unfortunately internet routing incidents happen on a regular basis, making Internet services unreachable for end-users. Recently there was an incident where Twitter's IP addresses were taken over by a Russian internet provider. In this case the number of users impacted was relatively small because Twitter has applied the internet security standard RPKI, and more and more network operators are checking for RPKI. Similar incidents, such as with YouTube and a Pakistan provider, had a much greater impact and hit more users due to not having RPKI in place.

While we have seen a significant uptake of RPKI and the related MANRS good practices for secure routing over the last couple of years (certainly also in The Netherlands), there is stil way to go. Unfortunately too many network operators do not support it, putting themselves, other operators with whom they interconnect, and end-users at risk.

In this session, the panelists will share their knowledge on and experiences with RPKI and MANRS with the audience from various perspectives. The session aims to raise awareness on the importance of routing security and to provide hints&tips to the audience on how to promote RPKI and MANRS within their organisations and constituency.

Speakers in this session
Senior Software Engineer, RIPE NCC
Board member of the Dutch registrar association
Senior Internet Technologist, NLnet Labs
Chair, Netherlands Standardisation Forum
Chair, Internet Standards Platform (