Lightning Talks

Track: n.a.
Technical level
Time: 12:10
Innovation Expo

Short talks (5 min) about relevent and recent developments in Cybersecurity.
The sessions will be made in rapid succession. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to meet the speakers and to discuss the subject further.

Risk - Jeroen Steenbakkers
Trust, security and stability - Benjamin Appiah-Kubi
Things to consider when proofing indentity in a corporate environment - Henk Marsman
The scaling and trust challenges of threat intelligence sharing in public private partnerships - Albert-Jan Talsma
Why governments must legalise information security research - Ot van Daalen
Why should you care about eIDAS 2 and what is the impact on the public sector? - Paul van Brouwershoven
Connect MISP to Microsoft Sentinel - Erik Remmelzwaal
From RSA to Camenisch-Lysyanskaya in 5 minutes - Maja Reissner

Speakers in this session