A Critical Infrastructure Overlooked

Track: Governance
Technical level
Time: 11:40

The agriculture industry is globally valued at over $10 trillion and is growing at a rate of over 7% per year. The industry has major share in GDP of several countries. When we talk about the agriculture industry it covers the full stack of services and people relating to industry i.e. farmers, suppliers, manufactures, traders etc. The growth of this industry is directly dependent two factors i.e. rise in global population and use of technology.

The industry started with an independent, uncoördinated and disconnected approach and in the current times has become more coördinated, connected and interdependent. With this shift in paradigm of technology importance cybersecurity plays a major role. This talk gives an insight into the issues faced by different stakeholders in the industry and possible solutions to tackle the issue.

Speakers in this session
Senior Security Consultant, TM Systems BV