Subversion through immersive technology

Track: Law enforcement
Technical level
Time: 11:00

The rapid development of information- and communication technology caters to the innovative efforts of (international) criminal organizations. Criminals exploit newly introduced technological advancements at such exceptional speed that the criminal justice system is met with considerable challenges.

As per example, the Dutch criminal has moved to the dark web to enjoy both anonymity and a word wide range to conduct drug-related business transactions, resulting in our country being one of the frontrunners pertaining to both the misuse of cryptocurrency and the investigation and prosecution thereof. Whereas the current policies target the challenges related to inter alia cryptocrime, the introduction of immersive technology is posing an uncharted threat to society.

In 2021 the WODC published a research paper indicating that immersive technology has a greater substantial effect on the human psyche and behavior than traditional media platforms.

This conclusion is in line with other research efforts to cure psychological disorders through immersive technology. The human experiences in immersive technology are equivalent to experiences in the physical world. Due to the commercial nature of immersive technology platforms, virtual human conduct is not bound to national rules and regulations, social and cultural norms nor the criminal justice system. Through the ONE Conference, we intend to spread information on actual policing in virtual reality. Furthermore, in an effort to protect society from the harmful effect of illegal behavior in immersive technology, we wish to raise awareness about the current state of affairs and call for preparatory advancement of legislation in the near future.

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Business Analyst, Capgemini
Business Analyst, Capgemini