Panel: Impact of the NIS2 Directive on cybersecurity

Track: Research
Technical level
Time: 11:00

This summer, the European Union has put forward the new NIS2 Directive. The successor of the NIS1 Directive proposes quite a few significant changes from some EU member states. After the keynote from Christiane Kirketerp de Viron earlier, we will dive into some more detail during this panel discussion.

The panel will start with a presentation from dr. Irene Kamara about the recent study she did for NCSC-NL on the differences between the two directives, the approaches of several EU member states on how to implement NIS2 and her recommendations on how NIS2 impacts the work of NCSC-NL and its constituents.

After the presentation, we have a discussion planned with several exciting participants from academia, ENISA, NCSC-NL, and ESET. We will discuss how NIS2 will contribute to the level of cybersecurity across the European Union and the Netherlands in particular, and how it relates to other EU regulations. Furthermore, the panelists will discuss on how they plan to move from ‘paper to practice’ in implementing the NIS2 Directive in national legislation as well as collaboration between the public and private sector in cybersecurity. We will end the session with a Q&A and input from the public on their engagement with NIS2.

Speakers in this session
Head of Unit Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration, NCSC-NL
Cybersecurity expert, at ENISA, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity
Assistant Professor Cyber Security Governance, Tilburg University
Public Affairs Specialist, ESET
EU Legal Officer cybersecurity, EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA)