How to control your ICT supply chain risks?

Track: Governance
Technical level
Time: 11:00

Log4j showed the world how vulnerable we are to ICT supply chain attacks. Solarwinds and Kaseya exhibited how dangerous supply chain attacks can get - when one actor in the supply chain becomes compromised, the effects can be devastating to many organizations downstream.

Cyber-attacks nowadays can even have major disruptive impact on physical supply chains as proved by the Colonial Pipeline attack in the USA. In short, as also recognized in the upcoming NIS 2 directive, ICT supply chain risk management is becoming more and more important. In his presentation, Jelle Groenendaal will provide insight into industry best practices and scientific insights related to third-party risk management.

Speakers in this session
Co-founder, 3rdRisk
Product Owner and Principal Researcher, 3rdRisk