There is power in numbers? How to defend against nation-state actors?

Track: Main Stage
Technical level
Time: 11:00

The cyber issue of the year is clearly Russia’s destructive cyber attacks against Ukraine, and its intelligence-gathering efforts against Ukrainian allies. In the session we will talk about our Microsoft Digital Defense Report, looking at the Hybrid War in Ukraine, the major events of the year in nation state attack activity, as well as cybercrime and other issues of the day. We’ll look at Russia’s use of destructive attacks and what that means for cyber wars and conflicts going forward, as well as Ukraine’s migration to the cloud – outside Ukraine - as a new defense approach. We’ll talk about the growing role of disinformation campaigns as a nation state attack tactic, as Microsoft reported in June, 2022. We’ll explore lessons learned and themes of cyber conflict, and the roles of private sector and government in challenging times.

Speakers in this session
Digital Security Unit lead, Microsoft